So 2013 is over and there were a lot of changes; some good some bad, but it was not horrific. In fact, it was a great transitory year and many accomplishments happened. I want to reflect on these accomplishments as the net seems full of negativity and it is easy find. I want to remind myself to be thankful for what I have and have done. So, without further ado...

Well, the New Year is upon us and heres some things coming up and "resolutions"...

Fear is not... CD coverThanks to S. Victor Aaron for the great article about my newest release"Fear is not the Natural State of Civilized People" on Something Else!

Something Else! is a great online blog about music that features a large variety of genres and reviews, worth sticking into your news reader for sure.


So, just got my new Genz-Benz tube hybrid amp in and I am impressed. Was skeptical of class D amps, but the small weight and footprint really intrigued me. I just wondered if tone and power were really "there" or if compromises were going to have to be made. I had the chance to use it on a gig with the funk/jazz group Divom last night and here is my overall impression from my first, real-world test. 

betty whiteA woman in her 70's came up to me after the second set at last nights gig and said, "You must be tired after playing all of those notes up there on stage". I laughed and then she asked me,"Is that a Fender?" I was bit shocked but responded that it was a Musicman and I asked her if she played and she said, "Oh, I dable a bit but my father played. And well, you're my 2nd favorite bass player, my father is still my first favorite." Made me smile, it was a nice comment...

So I've been using my chrome, Ashdown EVO II 575 watt head paired with two Ashdown mini cabs, a 4x8 and a 1x15, for quite awhile, in fact I've owned three EVO II's! (Including the one stolen in the Rome airport, and its brilliant. I love it, but I want to shed some weight and the new micro amps that are on the market have been enticing to say the least. I looked at all of these 3-6 lb. wonders: Mark Bass, Aguilar, Ashdown, and Genz Benz...

 I decided on the Genz Benz Streamliner 600:

Not really the same, but I figured it's time to start this blog again. I haven't really blogged since I left from LA and moved to Sedona. I am a professional bassist/composer/improviser/educator (Is that enough things? :)) ....

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